Our Values

“From conception to completion, we are fully committed to providing you a great building experience.”


Neese Custom Homes is fully committed to conduct ourselves and our business practices with the highest level of integrity. We will be open and honest with you as it is our goal for you to know that you can trust us from the very start. If we say it you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make it happen.

Focused Service

We are committed to keeping our number of ongoing clients at a manageable level. This allows us to focus our best energies and resources on your home and ensures that you will be treated as a valuable client at every point in the process.


Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail are distinguishing marks of every Neese Custom Home. From pouring the foundation to the last strokes of paint, we strive for excellence in each step in the building process. Poor craftsmanship will not be acceptable.


A home is an investment and it is our goal to get you in your dream home with positive equity. We will work hard to keep costs in alignment with the budget and goals of each client and commit to strive to maximize your financial investment.

“We are committed to these values and expect you to communicate to us if at any point you feel that we aren’t standing by them.”

Our goal is not only to provide you with an excellent home at the end of the building process but to provide you with an excellent building experience. We understand that building a home involves far more than bricks and mortar. It involves your emotions, your dreams, your visions and your heart. We understand that and are fully committed to bringing all of those together to provide you with an incredibly positive building experience.

Being first time home builders, we knew we needed a builder we could trust . Tim was there in every phase of the building process and he always made sure things were done correctly. He shared ways to help us save money, design ideas, and was always accessible. We love our new home and highly recommend Tim Neese Custom Homes.

Let us create
your perfect living space.